Water & Sewer

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NOTICE: Change to Utility Account Policy

Due to a high rate of occupancy changes and the additional administrative work required to process these changes, be advised that effective December of 2019, utility accounts will no longer be put in tenant names. However, utility accounts occupied by a tenant can be put under the name of a property manager, if preferred. Tenants, who were previously signed up for Pre-Authorized payments, will need to arrange for other payment methods. Bills can be paid by online banking, debit, cash, cheque or at any local bank. To ensure online payments are applied correctly, please verify that your account number matches with how it appears on your current water bill (excluding the first zero and the decimal point).

For owners/property managers wanting to calculate a final water bill for their tenants that have moved out on a date outside of our billing cycles, we have created an online final bill estimator.

  Click here to access the calculator

* some browsers do not support excel files, if the calculator did not open, please open the document at the bottom of the page.


Instructions for Final Bill Estimator

  1. Select Meter Units - Cubic (M3) or Gallons (Gal)
  2. Enter quarter start/move in date
  3. Enter move out date
  4. Enter current reading
  5. Enter previous reading from last quarterly bill
  6. Consumption and total will calculate automatically

Note: Highlighted cells cannot be edited.

Example of Final Bill Estimator

To ensure accurate calculations, please only use the updated version that is linked to this website page.  Do not save this document as rates are subject to change. 

Though accurate, this is an estimated "final bill" total and will not include any other outstanding balances on the account OR amounts that may have been previously added to taxes.

Should you require additional assistance please contact the City of Winkler office.