Economic Development

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The City of Winkler is completing a planning process to develop the Growing Winkler Secondary Plan to provide the City with a guiding document to direct development in the key future growth areas.

We want to hear from you! A final draft of the Secondary Plan is now available online. Your input will ensure the Secondary Plan meets long term community needs while considering infrastructure investment, sustainability and existing development in Winkler.
Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold an in-person public open house but you can participate in our ONLINE SURVEY HERE. 

BEFORE participating in our online survey view the informational boards HERE.

The Final Draft of the Secondary Plan can be viewed HERE.

 The City of Winkler has recently introduced a Commercial and Industrial Financial Assistance Program.

This is a tax credit for any new general municipal taxes which result from an increase in the assessed value of the property due to a building addition, renovation or new construction.

Businesses will be eligible for a period of five years.

The tax credit will roll out as follows:

  • Year 1, 100% on the general municipal taxes
  • Year 2, 80% on the general municipal taxes
  • Year 3, 60% on the general municipal taxes
  • Year 4, 40% on the general municipal taxes
  • Year 5, 20% on the general municipal taxes.

The tax credit does not apply to any school taxes.

To apply for the credit, please complete the following form and you will be contacted within a few business days.

To find out about opportunities for businesses in Winkler, please contact David Martens at (204) 325-9524, extension 1 or