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Residential Recycling Waste & Compost

Gateway Resources in Winkler does all our residential recycling pickups throughout the City.

Not sure what is acceptable for Blue Box Recycling? Click here for more information.

Downloadable PDFs:      2023 Calendar   Collection Map

The Solid Waste Area Management Plan (SWAMP) which serves as a regional landfill site, is located 4 miles north of PTH 14 on 428, 2 miles east and 3/4 mile north. For information with regards to fees and what you may drop off at SWAMP, please visit their website or phone 204-325-2216

Visit your local pharmacy to return medications/prescription drugs. Find the pharmacy nearest you by visiting:, or by downloading the Recyclepedia App on your device.The Health Products Stewardship Association operates programs locally through participating pharmacies to collect medications/prescription drugs.

Winkler offers curb-side trash and recycling pickup to residences; businesses may take recyclable items to Gateway Resources at 1582 Pembina Avenue W.

Trash and recycling collection occurs each week on the scheduled collection date. All trash and/or recycling must be placed at the curbside before 4:00 a.m. on the morning of collection day to ensure pick-up. Please refer to the waste and recycling links below.

If you've recently moved to Winkler and you do not have a blue box, just visit City Hall at 185 Main Street and we will be happy to give you one. If you require an additional blue box, the fee is $8.00 each.

The City of Winkler offers curbside branch pick-up for City residents in Spring (May 1, 2023) and Fall (Oct. 2, 2023).  If you have branches you would like to get rid of at other times of the year; SWAMP now offers a FREE branch drop-off at their location.  


The program will run year-round and is open to all City residents.  You are limited to "residential quantities" which includes delivering the branches with a van, pick-up truck, or trailer (tipping or non-tipping). Large single axle or tandem trucks or companies that have been contracted to remove trees will be considered commercial loads and will not be free.  Size of branches does not matter as long as you are able to unload it on your own.  

Branches must be strapped or tarped down well.  Mesh netting or snow fence with tarp straps holding branches down is also acceptable. 

To drop-off your branches at SWAMP please use the road 428 North of Winkler, then turn East on Road 17N and continue 2 miles to the intersection of road 19W (Green Farm Rd).  Turn North for 3/4 mile and SWAMP is on the East side of the road.  Green Farm Road is not an approved haul road for landfill traffic South of Road 17N. 

When you arrive at SWAMP, drive slowly onto the scale and remember to yield to outgoing traffic unless otherwise directed by SWAMP staff.  Once on the scale, you are to report into the scale house and provide your license plate #, where your load originates from and what you have on your load to scale attendant.  If you have branches you will be directed to the branch recycling area or burn area depending on the current need of woodchips at SWAMP.  After unloading you are to report back onto the scale.  Upon coming to a complete stop at the scale, you will see a red stop light.  When the scale attendant has printed and recorded the weight the light will turn green and you are free to go. 

Any waste that is mixed in with branches will have to be separated out and will not be free. Regular household garbage will be subject to a minimum charge of $10 up to 180 kg's across the scale.  

SWAMP hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 4:15pm and Saturday 9am - 4:45pm. 

EASTER WEEKEND HOURS: Closed Good Friday and Easter Monday and OPEN Saturday 9am - 4:45pm

Weekly curbside collection will take place on your garbage & recycling day and compost collection will continue year-round.

There are 3 sizes of bins available for Winkler residents that currently have compost pickup.  

The kitchen sized compost pail is 2.25 GAL with no cost for the first one.  

The outdoor medium bin is 32 GAL with a cost of $20 new or $10 used. 

The outdoor large bin is 96 GAL with a cost of $30 new or $20 if you trade in your 32 GAL bin.

*Bins can be purchased at City Hall.

*Public works will drop off bins once payment has been processed.

*If you are upgrading your bin, please bring your old bin to Public Works.

Returned bins need to be cleaned and will be inspected at Public Works before accepted.

A complete list of compostable items may be found here.

Unsure about how to compost? Click here for detailed information on how to compost.

Curbside Branch Chipping Spring & Fall:

  *Branches must be brought to the curb BEFORE

    May 1 and Oct 2. City crews will come by ONE

    TIME after those dates to chip branches.

What to bring to the curb:

 *Branch prunings, clippings, & twigs.

 *6" in diameter or smaller & stacked neatly.

What not to bring to the curb:

 *Roots, building lumber, branches with metal or

    wire in them.

 *Large piles of branches & logs from tree removal 


 *Compostables & Garden Plants.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department directly at 204-325-7535.

Location: Public Works Shop: 345 1st Street

Help Keep Hazardous Materials out of the landfill!
Click here for a complete listing of eligible items.
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Oil Drop off on select Saturdays 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 Noon (see dates here)