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Nature Sanctuary

Two geese and four gooselings swimming in a pond.

The Discovery Nature Sanctuary is a hidden oasis in an urban landscape.

Located in the north east part of Winkler just off Eastview Drive, this 32 acre space is home to waterfowl, songbirds, frogs and more.

It is a safe haven for animals and plants and a relaxing place of natural beauty for people.

For information, email the organizing committee at

You can also connect with us by visiting our Facebook page Discovery Nature Sanctuary or click here to visit our website

Photo of the pond at the Discovery Nature Sanctuary in Winkler, MB

Photo of grasslandBig Bluestem grass coming soon to the DNS.

Native Grassland Project

The Discovery Nature Sanctuary (DNS) is working toward establishing a  native grassland prairie on about 6.5 acres. 

The DNS is grateful to the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation ( for providing funding for this project through its Conservation Trust fund. Thanks to the Pembina Valley Watershed District for facilitating the grant application and managing funds received through the grant.